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Jumpin’ on the Block was a fantastic event!!

Green Mountain DockDogs first event at our newly sanctioned facility was a huge success with some 40 dog waves and over 20 personal bests!

Dueling Dog practice was Friday afternoon and more than a dozen came out to play!

Several dogs set new pb’s in this competitive side by side drag racing!

We would like to thank everyone who came out to enjoy the fun and help make this event a success!


Special thanks to our neighboring clubs, Seacoast DockDogs, Hudson Valley DockDogs  & Rideau River DockDogs (Canada)

GMDD Members event results:

Big Air;


Melissa Vladyka and Storm ——————5th place!


Jill Trepanier and Kiki————————-4th place!

Jon Mayhew and Summer———————3rd place!

Lauren Hunt and Lilly Muffin—————–2nd place!

Mike Welch and Tucker————————-1st place!


Mike Welch and Tia—————————–6th place!

Mark Krause and Rosey————————-5th place!

Sue Schroeder and GG—————————1st place! ( new PB 20′.00″!)


Kathleen Dunn and Ginger———————5th place!

Jill Trepanier and Gracie———————–4th place!

Morgan Vail and Swarley————————1st place! (new PB 22’03″!)


Mark Krause and Cooper————————2nd place!

Steve Tworig and Cash —————————1st place! (new PB 25’02″!)

Speed Retrieve;


Mark Krause and Cooper————————- 2nd place!

Caroline Mayhew and Bruin ———————–1st place!


Tony Thompson and Cooper———————–3rd place!

Mark Wrobel and Rain —————————–1st place!

Extreme Vertical;


Tony Thompson and Cooper———————–2nd place!

Top Gun;

Mark Wrobel and Rain——————————1st place!

High Flyer;

Mark Krause and Cooper—————————3rd place!

Iron Dog;


Steve Tworig and Cash —————————–1st place!


Mark Wrobel and Rain—————————–3rd place!



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