Green Mountain Dock Dogs

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Green Mountain DockDogs at Osborne’s Agway Splash & Wag Belmont NH



Despite the rain, GMDD had a fun time with 7 dogs competing with 4 dogs making the Big Air Finals!
Big Air;
Caroline Mayhew and Summer made the Amateur Finals finishing 5th
Beth Sausville and Tucker made the Amateur Finals finishing 2nd
Jon Mayhew and Bruin made the Contender Finals finishing 3rd
Mark Krause and Cooper made the Semi Pro Finals finishing 3rd
Extreme Vertical;
Mark Krause and Cooper took 1st place Top Gun & 1st overall with a 6’2″ grab!
Mark Krause and Rosie took 2nd in the Cadet division!
Speed Retrieve;
James Vladyka and Storm and a nice run of 11.25 sec.
Mark Krause and Rosey had nice run of 8.186 sec

Also Melissa Vladyka and Storm in only their second time competing as a team had two 3rd place finishes in their waves just missing the finals!


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