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GMDD had a great showing at the K9 Karnival, hosted by Beantown DockDogs!

More than a dozen members from Green Mountain DockDogs competed at the K9 Karnival in Hinsdale Mass. 9/17-9/18!

GMDD had 8 dogs make the Big Air Finals!

Big Air-


Amy Lyons and Charlie ———-6th place!

Melissa Vladyka and Storm——4th place!


Suzy Thompson and Duke ——-5th place! (first time finalists!!!)

Caroline Mayhew and Summer– 1st Place!


Sue Schroeder and G.G.———–6th place! (first time finalists!)

Mark Krause and Rosey ———-2nd place!


Steve Tworig and Cash————1st place!


Mark Krause and Cooper———1st place!

Speed Retrieve-

Jim Lyons and Charlie————-7th place Express!

James Vladyka and Storm———4th place Express!

James Vladyka and Bruin———-7th place Turbo!

Steve Tworig and Cash————-2nd place Turbo!

Anthony Thompson and Cooper–2nd place Nitro!

Mark Wrobel and Rain————-1st place Nitro!

Extreme Vertical-

Mark Krause and Rosey ———–6th place Cadet!

Steve Tworig and Cash————-4th place Cadet!

Mark Wrobel and Rain————-2nd place Top Gun!

Mark Krause and Rain————–1st place Top Gun!

Iron Dog-

Steve Tworig and Cash———–2nd place Titan!

Veteran Dog-

Amy Lyons and Charlie—-1st place!

Congratulations to all on a fantastic performance!

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