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Sheila Leguire

  • Rotterdam, NY 12306

My Dogs


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  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Age: 3
  • Handler: Sheila Leguire

Tell us about your dog, where she/he is from, any interesting stories that you want to share?

Lilly is a 3 yr old Golden Retriever from PA. We live in Rotterdam, NY. Lilly LOVES to swim! I have to think of new ways to coax her out of the pool or she will sit on the deck and stare at me to continue to throw her toys in!

What is your dog’s dock dog jumping experience (if any)?

Lilly had her first newbie session on Sat, Aug 20th. She LOVED it and did great!

What would your dog tell his/her friends about you?

That all you to do is look at me with the soulful eyes and their wish is my command!