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Sarah Juhlin

  • Farmington, NH 03835

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  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Age: 2.5
  • Handler: Sarah

Tell us about your dog, where she/he is from, any interesting stories that you want to share?

Arya lives in Farmington NH with her owner and loves to work and play! She often competes alongside her littermate Cash. Arya's main quality is that she absolutely LOVES everything she tries, which besides dock diving includes hunt, search and rescue, nosework, rally, treibball, or just generally bouncing up and down like a crazy dog.

What is your dog’s dock dog jumping experience (if any)?

Arya started competing in dock diving at 8 months old and holds multiple titles in both Dockdogs and NADD. She loves Big Air the most but also competes in Speed and EV, and has been invited to the Dockdogs Championships for Iron Dog for the past two years.

What would your dog tell his/her friends about you?

That besides the amount of time staring at screens that she does, she's pretty cool owner. After she does this thing called "work" all day (looks really boring and I have to be quiet while she's doing it), she takes me on adventures where we go into stores, she asks me to find certain scents, people give me cookies, or we go for walks!