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Linda King

  • Cropseyville, NY 12052

My Dogs

Daisy Mae

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Daisy Mae

  • Breed: Hound mix
  • Age: 5
  • Handler: Linda

Tell us about your dog, where she/he is from, any interesting stories that you want to share?

Daisy was a Christmas Eve gift from very dear friends during a troubling time; let's just say we rescued each other. She was born an escape artist; getting herself out of the most awkward places. She loves the woods, lakes, chasing balls, sticks, toys, or whatever someone throws. She also adapts to each season; loving the snow and winter walks with her sister Zoey, and cousins.

What is your dog’s dock dog jumping experience (if any)?

She's been dock diving (off local docks) since she was a puppy.

What would your dog tell his/her friends about you?

Mom is great; I've always had the best food, treats, and she takes me hiking, and swimming all the time.