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Julie Gann

  • Argyle, NY 12809

My Dogs


  • Breed: Lab
  • Age: 3
  • Handler: Julie

Tell us about your dog, where she/he is from, any interesting stories that you want to share?

Parker is a released Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog. Like most labs, he loves the water. He does enjoy jumping into a friend's pool with the other dogs when she has 'puppy parties'.

What is your dog’s dock dog jumping experience (if any)?

We went to one newbie session. He did jump in, but was a bit nervous. Am hoping that as he gets used to it, he will love it as much as he loves playing in the water.

What would your dog tell his/her friends about you?

She's a pretty good person, but she usually has other GEB dogs around, and I'd rather have her to myself!