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The Green Mountain Dock Dogs are here!

Welcome to Green Mountain Dockdogs!

DockDogs comes to Vermont.  DockDogs is "the World's Premier Canine Aquatics Competition where you can have the most fun with your dogs!"

DockDogs events are designed to be fun for families and their dogs.  There is competition, awards, national rankings and the works for folks that want to see how their dogs compete against other dogs of similar ability.  And many folks just attend events to watch or to jump their dogs for the fun of it

If you are not a member, please consider becoming a member...and most importantly, get out to the water to see if you dog wants to join in the fun.

Here is our 2013 Year in Review for Green Mountain Dock Dogs:


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Where are we located?

Green Mountain DockDogs uses Splashes and Wags as our primary practice facility. 

Splashes and Wags is Vermonts only DockDog sanctioned facility!

200 Physliss Lane

Bennington Vermont, 05201 

* We are always looking to expand throughout Vermont.


How old does my dog have to be to compete?

Per DockDog rules, dogs must be at least 6 months old to compete.

Can we have a private practice?

Yes, however you will need to contact Splashes and Wags for availabilty and details. 

Splashes and Wags on Facebook

Can any dog breed compete?

Absolutely ! DockDogs welcomes all breeds including mixed breeds !

What should I bring with me to a practice or event?

Besides your dog, you should bring a 4ft leash (retractable's not permitted), a floatable toy (object may not be considered edible) for your dog to retrieve, & some water and treats for your pooch. Many others also bring a dog crate to let your dog relax in and a pop up shelter for shade or rain protection.



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Newbie Practice Session Saturday June 25th, 2016

The GMDD club is holding two newbie sessions on Saturday June 25 th at our pool facility, "Splashes and Wags".This is the perfect time for anyone that is interested in seeing if their dog will jump and how the sport works. Limit: 5 teams per session. Be sure to sign up early!

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Members only practice Saturday June 25th 2016

Members only practice Sign up today!

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What's New

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GMDD had a great time at Woofstock in ChesterTown Ny

Green Mountain Dock Dogs had a great finals at Woofstock!! Six members made the finals!!! James Vladyka and Storm took 2nd place in the Novice division. Jon Mayhew and Bruin took 1st place in the Senior division. Anthony Thompson and Cooper took 1st place in the Masters division Jill Trepanier and Gracie took 2nd place in the Masters division Mark Krause and Cooper made the Elite finals finishing 5th New member Erynn Conners and Quetzal took 2nd in Super Elite Mark Krause and Cooper took 1st place Iron Dog Titan & 1st place in Exreme Vertical Top Gun Mark Krause and Rosie took 1st place Iron Dog Warrior & 3rd place Extreme Vertical Cadet  

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Festival of The Fidos Sunday, June 26 2016

Festival of The Fidos fun jump hosted by Green Mountain DockDogs

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