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The Green Mountain Dock Dogs are here!

Welcome to Green Mountain Dockdogs!

DockDogs comes to Vermont.  DockDogs is "the World's Premier Canine Aquatics Competition where you can have the most fun with your dogs!"

DockDogs events are designed to be fun for families and their dogs.  There is competition, awards, national rankings and the works for folks that want to see how their dogs compete against other dogs of similar ability.  And many folks just attend events to watch or to jump their dogs for the fun of it

If you are not a member, please consider becoming a member...and most importantly, get out to the water to see if you dog wants to join in the fun.

Here is our 2013 Year in Review for Green Mountain Dock Dogs:


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How do i get involved?

Try a fun jump! Come to a newbie session. Become a member!! Getting tips from GMDD members will always help


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Come join the fun; GMDD will be hosting this event with Caws 4 Paws on 6/4-6/5!! at the Barre Civic Center right here in VT!!

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What's New

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Come join us for our first meeting and practice of the year! Sunday May 1st 2016!

Green Mountain DockDogs first meeting and practice of 20161

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Exciting News!!! GMDD's first event!! June 4-5th 2016

Come join us for our first club event June 4th & 5th 2016 Barre Civic Center, Barre Vermont Details to follow.

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